• APAS 2019

  • 28th - 31st August, 2019 | Fujian, China


From the President's Desk...

Dear Colleague,

On the happy occasion of the 19th year of APAS, I am truly honored to take over as the President of this prestigious society for a period of two years. In the past 19 years, together with all outstanding arthroplasty surgeons in the Asia-Pacific region, we have made unremitting efforts for the development of APAS and have achieved great success. It is a challenge for me to be the successor of Dr.Parag Sancheti (past president of APAS) who has steered the ship to a far better place over the last 2 years and made APAS a stronger and more recognized society. Based on summarizing the experience of former presidents, I hope that I will be able to take APAS to the next level.

The recently concluded meeting in Bangkok, Thailand was a great success. The academic input of the whole faculty and the effort put in by many make it a worthwhile event. I am truly grateful to the leadership (Dr. Rami and Dr. Parag), incredible local organizer (Dr. Aree and Dr. Thanainit ) and all distinguished faculties. Your contribution put up a great show and I am sure this conference will be well remembered by many. In my tenure of this presidentship, I will make all efforts to carry forward the legacy of APAS and build on whatever Dr.Parag Sancheti has done so far. I am sure with your help this will be a possibility.

I will shoulder the responsibility and in the next two years, I believe that our faculty will learn with academic achievements, create progress with unity, promote development with cooperation, and look to the future with innovation. I sincerely hope that I can continue receiving the support of all outstanding arthroplasty surgeons as always. The founder of APAS, Prof. Wui K. Chung and the Chairman of Scientific Program, Prof. Rami Sorial, they are men with the vision. They have contributed a lot for having started and developed this society. I am fortunate that they have entrusted me with this responsibility and I want to show my sincere thanks to them.

The next annual APAS will be held at the city of Xiamen, China during 29th to 31st August, 2019 (registration on 28th August, 2019). By then, we can not only carry out academic exchanges, but also enjoy picturesque scenery. I believe that it must be another unforgettable academic pageantry. Welcome to Xiamen and look forward to seeing you next year!

Look forward to your support to take APAS to the next level.

Kind regards
Dr. Cao Li
President - Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society (APAS)