• APAS 2018

  • 6th -8th September, 2018 | Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Thailand


From the President's Desk...

Dear Colleague,

It is a great honour for me to take over as the President of this prestigious society for a period of two years. At the same time it is a challenge to step into shoes of Dr. Rami Sorial (past president of APAS) who has accomplished a herculean task of making APAS a stronger and more recognized society. I take this opportunity to thank all the past presidents of APAS: Dr. Ray Randle, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, Dr. Jim Sullivan, Dr. Yoo Myung-chui, Dr. Wang Yan and Dr. Arun Mullaji. I hope standing on the shoulders of these giants I will be able to take APAS to the next level. I have been actively involved with APAS since 2005 Goa meeting and have regularly attended APAS meeting since then. I would like to specially thank to Dr. Arun Mullaji who introduced me to APAS.

Joint replacement surgery has undergone a tremendous evolution in Asia-Pacific region in the last decade. With newer technologies patient outcomes have improved and patients are able to return to their work early. The collaboration between the industry and the arthroplasty surgeons has helped in innovations in joint replacement for the benefit of our patients and to improve their quality of life. APAS has been an integral part of this process over the years.

The recently concluded meeting in Penang, Malasiya was a great success. Thanks to Dr. Vasan and his team who put up a great show. In my tenure of this presidentship, I will take all efforts to carry forward the legacy of APAS and build on whatever Dr. Rami Sorial has done so far. I am sure with Dr. Rami’s help this will be a possibility. There are various ideas which I will unfold in the next two years. I will request support from all arthroplasty surgeons in the Asia-Pacific region for the same.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Ashok Rajgopal for his guidance and will look up to him in my tenure as president. Last but not the least my sincere thanks to Prof. Wui K. Chung founder of APAS for having started this society. He is a man with the vision and I am fortunate that he has entrusted me with this responsibility.

Look forward to your support to take APAS to the next level.

Kind regards
Dr. Parag Sancheti
President - Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society (APAS)