A small group of twenty orthopaedic arthroplasty surgeons from the Asia-Pacific region met on the Gold Coast of Queensland, in Australia, in 1997 to discuss the need for a scientific body to foster and represent the academic and professional needs of the region. The Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society Incorporated - APAS - was born out of that meeting with Wui K Chung the founding chairman. Ray Randle was elected the 1st President of the society and Chit Ranawat honored the society by accepting to be the Patron of the society.

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Imm. Past President's Message

As I have handovered the Presidential Medal to the incoming President, Bharat Mody, I would like to recap what has happened during my Presidency. It has been a great honor and pleasure for me to lead APAS in the past 2 years. I am happy to share with you all, some of the progress our executives have made despite the extreme hindrance we encountered with the pandemic happening all over the world, including some of our executives falling sick with Covid and countrywide lockdown.

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