ICM Travelling Fellowship

The International Consensus Meeting on Infection Fellowship provides the approved applicant with the unparalleled opportunity to explore their interests in management of musculoskeletal infections by conducting basic-science and/or clinical research with mentors Dr. Javad Parvizi and Dr. Thorsten Gehrke

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APAS Travelling Fellowship Report (2018-2019)

In October 2018, I had appeared for APAS Travelling Fellowship Interviews, which were held at APAS Annual Conference at Bangkok, Thailand. I was pleasantly surprised when the results of Fellowship Interviews revealed that I along with my colleague

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APAS Travelling Fellowship Report (2017-2018)

It has been a great privilege to be the First Inaugural Fellow of APAS 2017-18. I am grateful to Dr. Kailash Patil & Dr. Yasser Khatib for selecting me for this fellowship which allowed me to excel and expand my knowledge in the field of Arthroplasty.

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