From the President's Desk...

Dear colleagues,

This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our loved ones, the businesses we rely upon, the health of the global economy, and the way we live our daily lives. None of us can face this sudden challenge alone. This is the time when we need to work together, regardless of national boundaries, to deal with the global disaster which will surely go down in history.

In our more than two decades of the establishment of APAS, we’ve weathered with you the storms of many global events. Throughout this shared journey we have worked to support and sustain our colleagues and our partners. In the process of overcoming the pandemic, no matter how complicated and changeable the situation is, the best team of orthopaedic surgeons in the world is always behind you and our commitment to you will not waver!

In the state of emergency, the boundaries of professionalism become less clear. Orthopedic surgeons also have important duties to perform. As everyone is currently doing, in order to cut off the spread of the disease as much as possible, we have cancelled almost all selective surgeries and clinic appointments. In addition to dealing with traumatic fractures, we have been recruited to support anaesthesiologists and intensive care colleagues. Currently, with the support of our nations, we have joined our efforts and all medical resources as one to overcome the pandemic. We should admit that the medical community is achieving an unexpected level of admiration and respect for the commitment showed in treating the infected patients, and is gaining much more consideration from administrators than before the pandemic. We firmly believe that after the end of the COVID-19 crisis, we can still get together with old friends as before, discuss hot topics fiercely and rededicate ourselves to the development of arthroplasty.

Looking at the world, the light of generosity and friendliness shines wherever rescue and help is needed which shows the power of undivided support, solidarity and extraordinary strength of all human beings. The more it is in such difficult times, the greater the love, courage, dedication, selflessness and perseverance shine in human nature!

Prof Cao Li
Past President - Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society Incorporated (APAS)