In 2022 at the Bali Hip Knee Summit conference, APAS initiated the Women in Arthroplasty program to support our female arthroplasty colleagues and recognize their contribution to the subspecialty of lower limb arthroplasty. Our inaugural members were A/Prof. Catherine McDougall, A/Prof. Claudia di Bella, Dr. Azeta Arif and Dr. Karina Besinga. Each presented their scientific work and contributed significantly to the activities of the faculty.

Fig 1. The inaugural four APAS Women in Arthroplasty members

Following discussions on how to foster and encourage our younger female colleagues to tread the path of lower limb arthroplasty, APAS with the support of Zimmer Biomet launched the Women in Arthroplasty Travelling fellowship program in 2023.

Fig2. LtoR: Mr. Clarence Ngui, Ms. Nicqui Chang, Dr. Bharat Mody (APAS President), Ms. Lauren Johnson, Dr. Azeta Arif, A/Prof. Rami Sorial, Dr. Karina Besinga,
A/Prof. Claudia di Bella, A/Prof. Catherine McDougall, Prof. Nicolaas Budhiparama (APAS Past President)

Two applicants were selected by interview process and participated in the inaugural fellowship for 6 weeks. Dr. Joyce Garcia (Philippines) and Dr. Neha Patel (India) visited 5 cities meeting and collaborating with colleagues and piers from many arthroplasty units learning and sharing techniques and approaches to patient management and setting up unique international connections. Their observations on the fellowship can be viewed on the APAS website in the Fellowships Report tab.

For 2024 thanks to ongoing support from Zimmer Biomet APAS will again offer a travelling fellowship to 2 women surgeons working in the Asia Pacific Region who are at the conclusion of their training, or the commencement of their professional career. The successful surgeons will travel to 6 sites across Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia from July 8.

The fellowship will conclude at the APAS ASM in Mumbai, India 21-24 August. Here they will present both on their experience as well as a scientific paper on an aspect of their work. The fellowship will be fully supported with funds covering flights, transfers, and accommodation, as well as a small stipend to cover meals.

The total period for the fellowship will be between around six weeks and anticipated to run from early July to Aug 25, 2024. If this is of interest to you, we encourage you to apply for the fellowship with your CV, a covering letter, and a letter of support from a senior arthroplasty mentor. Please forward to pharoah1@bigpond.net.au before March 15.


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