From the President's Desk...

APAS was founded in 1997 by a group of 20 surgeons in the Gold Coast of Australia spearheaded by Wui K. Chung. The goal of this society is to foster social and scientific exchange and to provide a platform for surgeons to share their experiences and knowledge. For the past 23 years, APAS continued to grow with its renowned annual meetings which are always jam packed with surgeons eager to learn from their seniors.

After our 2019 annual meeting, we were enthusiastic to manage the next 2020 annual meeting; however, due to the current unfortunate situation of the pandemic, we have no choice but to postpone the 2020 annual meeting for a year and also delay the third round of the APAS traveling fellowship. We hope that during this time of absence, we can create a more thorough and fruitful set of meetings in 2021.

With that being said, I am truly pleased to be a part of this great society full of close friends and mentors and feel so honored to be elected as its President. Thank you to all members for putting their trust in me to hold this prestigious position. I will do my best to uphold my duties and responsibilities to further develop the APAS organization. A huge Thank You to our Immediate Past President, Cao Li for doing an amazing job leading APAS for the past two years and paving the way for me to continue his efforts to grow APAS.

Nowadays, many Arthroplasty societies have been founded in Asia Pacific with similar and even overlapping purposes as APAS; however, not everyone shares the camaraderie and relationships that APAS has at its core. Now, the question is: how can we gain back APAS prominent heritage among all the new societies? Like one of the biggest meetings in the world at that time which was held by APAS in Shanghai in 2005.

Rami Sorial has done a tremendously great job setting up the website, managing the scientific program, starting clinical case discussion forums and initiating the traveling fellowship program with Parag Sancheti.

He has also brought together many scattered members back to the society through the website. Moving forward, APAS needs more key members who can drive the society forward. The pillars of a great society don’t rely on high membership; it is the members in it and the knowledge shared is what makes the foundation of a society strong. We do not need to be the biggest society, but we can be the most influential one in Asia Pacific. We can add value to our organization by initiating consensus statements on key issues, provide a forum for young surgeons who are hungry to learn, to share their experience and to consult with experts. We can take advantage of the current pandemic by having educational series through webinars, either in the format of workshops or case-based discussions. A quarterly bulletin or newsletter system that will be contributed by its member will further connect us and update each other through writing.

Communication is key for our international society. Technology is an amazing tool to bring us all closer together regardless of our physical distances. Together, we can be better, stronger, more influential, and BIGGER. Thank you once again, and I look forward to working together with all of you.

Prof. Nicolaas Budhiparama

President - Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society Incorporated (APAS)