From the President's Desk...

It is with a great sense of responsibility that I accept the honor of taking on the President’s role of APAS.

It has been part of our quest as arthroplasty surgeons to find the most durable material which would give long term success to arthroplasty. I submit for your consideration, that perhaps the most durable material that mankind has ever discovered or produced is the thing called an “Idea”!

APAS was one such idea propounded before two decades by a small group of enthusiastic, energetic, committed, and visionary surgeons. It was the idea that the Asia Pacific region has reached a point in evolution of the collective expertise of surgeons to merit a distinct platform on which their collective surgical experience, ideations, and research could be showcased for further interactions, and the benefit of the rest of the world. It has been an idea which has stood the test of time and stands justified!

Platforms such as APAS can serve many purposes including education of the coming generations of young surgeons, cross pollination of concepts, techniques, and tips amongst experienced surgeons, develop a healthy relationship and exchange of ideas with the industry, encourage furtherance of niche interest groups with special focus, and many such other purposes.

My predecessors have performed Atlas’s role on all these fronts. I am standing on the platform created by very dedicated predecessors. I promise to do my best to add to this body of work so that APAS keeps on growing and performing the role that the founding members had envisioned for it.

I request all our members to reach out to me in the times to come to offer their ideas.


Dr. Bharat S. Mody

M.S. (Orthopedics), M.Ch. (Orthopedics)
Chief Arthroplasty Surgeon
Welcare Hospital
Vadodara, India