Terms and conditions for the Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society (Inc):

All applications for membership of the Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society will be considered. Membership will be extended to all suitable applicants including: orthopaedic surgeons from any nation in the Asia Pacific region as well as any country with an interest in contributing to the growth and knowledge of the society, orthopaedic trainees, orthopaedic registrars and residents and interns, orthopaedic higher degree students, other surgeons and physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and other interested members of the industry.

Two types of memberships are offered, 3 years renewable and lifetime membership. Membership will be confirmed by email correspondence after completion of online forms from the APAS webpage after the subscription payment is made online. Once a payment is completed and received an email will be sent to the new member’s provided email address and will include the membership number and a password that will allow access to the members page and the clinical forum page. Membership will also entitle the individual to an immediate discounted rate for the annual scientific meeting held annually. Once a membership payment is made and a membership number and password are issued and sent by email there will be no refunds subsequently provided. If a membership payment for a 3-year membership is made and a membership number and password are issued and sent by email then should the member elect to become a lifetime member then a new application and full payment for lifetime subscription will need to be completed online.

Any problems with the process of membership and payments may be communicated through the contact us online portal.

Members are all entitled to submit interesting clinical cases for publication in the members forum. These need to be of good quality and instructional with the intent of sharing knowledge and clinical information to the benefit of all our patients. Any inappropriate material will be rejected. All members are entitled to comment on any published material by directly typing into the comments section and this will be added automatically. These comments similarly need to be instructional or questions to seek and enhance knowledge. Any comments deemed to be inappropriate will be removed and if repeated will see membership entitlements withdrawn.